⚡️ About Me

Hello, world. My name is Rachel, and I'm a software engineer at Red Hat. I've also been a "webmaster" since the 90s.

I sometimes blog about technology from the perspective of a decidedly pragmatic developer, other times I blog about mechanical keyboards and Predator.

I was born in the beautiful Dominican Republic (I'm Latin/Hispanic). I later went on to study Chemistry in college, but eventually decided to make a career out of what I had been doing for most of my life instead, namely: lounging around, eating pizza, writing code

I've worked on software for everything from children's education to distributed enterprise software. I have many areas of interest that I'm always striving to learn more about, some of which are e-commerce, data integration, ML/AI, e-learning, and application security. I'm also a fan of polyglot programming and the modern web.

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Other things I like: dancing - ballet, jazz+modern; mechanical keyboards; dogs; climbing trees; programming electronics; organic chemistry; documentaries; learning; playing the guitar; vintage computers; pizza