Developer Resources

Technical & not-so-technical resources

A random, possibly useless list of resources aimed primarily at developers or software engineers, but with many for designers, UI and UX engineers as well. I try to make this list applicable to anyone in IT, including entrepreneurs, but know that it’s not as comprehensive in each area of focus as I’d like it to be. Eventually, I’d love for this to be community-driven. Please let me know if you have any resources you’d like to share. 🙂

Note: I will always favor FOSS tools and resources, so I’d like to keep that as the focus of this list. If there is a closed-source item that costs money, it will be marked with a dollar sign ($) and I do NOT make money off of this or accept any type of gifts or exchanges for listing something on here.




  • BountySource – Not sure why this is listed under Business, but this is a funding platform for open source software.
  • Pancake ($) – Online invoicing, time tracking, and project management software


Content Management


Developer Tools


Front-End & UI

  1. BrowserStack – Cross browser testing
  2. Can I use…
  3. cdnjs
  4. DOM Standard – by WHATWG
  5. Frida – Inject JS into native applications
  6. HTML Characters & Symbols
  7. HTML5 Please
  8. LiveReload
  9. Phabricator
  10. Pictos
  12. PX to EM
  13. Reflector ($) – Wireless mirroring; OS X
  14. Share Link Generator
  15. ToDoMVC – Comparison of frameworks
  16. The Web Platform – Browser technologies
  17. WhichBrowser


Hardware & Electronics



  • Zamzar – Free online video, audio, image, and eBook converter.



Programming Languages


SEO & Marketing

UX & Design

  1. COLOURLovers
  2. – Self-explanatory – Helps you pick colors!
  3. CSS Hat ($) – PSD to CSS; OS X
  4. CSS Test Harness by W3C
  5. DepositPhotos – Royalty-free photos
  6. Favicon – Create or download favicons
  7. Flickr Creative Commons
  8. – Create vector icons
  9. – Formerly stock.xchng
  10. Image Map Tool
  12. LittleIpsum – Free Latin generator tool for macOS
  13. Macaw ($) – OS X
  14. MockFlow ($) – Online wireframing
  15. Paletton – Color scheme designer
  16. Placeholder – Generate placeholder images for designs
  17. RealFaviconGenerator – Create and download favicons for different browsers and devices for free
  18. Sketch App for Mac ($) – OS X
  19. Stock Free Images – Royalty-free
  20. StockVault – More royalty-free photos
  21. Free Vector Maps